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Project Description
Net SDK for XING API is a Wrapper that helps using the XING API for any given .Net Application.
The SDK comes in a Web Version and later on Mobile

The SDK will handle the OpenAuth Token Exchange,
For each of the available calls you get a strongly typed .Net Object.

Make sure to read details in our documentation.
There´s a small Example for MVC

History :

  • Updated the MVC Example

  • Added Lazy Loading for UserProfiles (FindByMail etc.)
  • Added FieldList Enum for User_Fields Param
  • Renamed a couple of classes. Classes are named by their purpose now (for example v1usersresponse is the response wrapper for the \v1\users\:ID call

  • .Net SDK for XING API 0.1 Alpha
    • UserProfile class completed
    • Parse any User request using JSON

Note about myself:
I am a software engineer working in the ASP.Net area for a couple of years now.
You can find a litle bit more about me here:

I decided to develop this SDK as i like XING very much and decided it could be a good idea
to have a .Net Wrapper for their API.

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